Houz Rulez

1. Zasad celowania (Called Shot) używamy z DH 1.0.

2. Trafenie w body powoduje 1 dodatkowe obrażenie. Trafienie w głowę 2 dodatkowe obrażenia.

3. Power weapony zadają obrażenia typu broni jaką są, nie topią i nie podpalają ludzi (są wyjątki). Pole służy do cięcia, lub wyzwala energię – młoty, maczugi i pięści zadają Impact, miecze, pazury, kosy – rending. Czysto energetyczne bronie, lub o wyraźnie wzmocnionym polu np. Sollex energy blade, lub Loi burning blade zadają energy.

4. nóż 1k10-2

5. telesCoPIC sIght
This sight magnifies images, allowing the user to better target enemies at greater distances, and are a common upgrade when precision shots are needed.
Effect: Increase the range of the weapon by half its current range rounded up.
Applies To: Any non-Low Tech ranged weapon -10 (Scarce)

3. exPanded magaZIne

The ammunition storage device, such as drum cartridge or plasma flask, is increased, thus lessening the need to reload during a battle.
Effect: Increase the clip size of the weapon by half its current clip size rounded up.
Applies To: Ranged weapons
+10 (Common)

4. motIon PredICtor

The powerful cogitator within this device processes movement, and when the weapon is fired the machine spirit uses this data to follow its prey with a long, accurate burst.
Effect: Attack tests made with the weapon do not suffer situational penalties that would be added due to the target moving quickly or an unstable environment.
Applies To: Non-Low Tech ranged weapon with a rate of fire of 1 or higher. -30 (Very Rare)

5. omnIssIan sanCtIon

The blessings of the Machine God fall upon the weapon through careful rituals and manipulations. It is rare for any outside the Martian Priesthood to acquire such modifications, and some ancient Tech-Priests denounce unauthorised sanctions as tech-heresy.
Effect: If the weapon has the Unreliable quality, it loses that quality. Otherwise, it gains the Reliable quality.
Applies To: Ranged weapons.
- 40 (Extremely Rare)

6. Red-Dot Laser Sight

This small, crimson laser sight is common on many guns, where it aids in both targeting and intimidating foe.
Effect: If the weapon has the Inaccurate quality, it loses that quality. Otherwise, it gains the Accurate quality.
Applies To: Ranged weapon
-20 (Rare)

7. quICk release

This customisation can encompass blessed lubricant oils, extra clips mounted along the weapon stock, revered ejection springs recovered from ancient weapons, and more, all designed to in create more time shooting and less time reloading.

Effect: The amount of Actions required to reload the weapon is reduced by half action to a minimum of half action.
Applies to: Ranged weapons.
+0 (Avarage)

8. Counter-WeIght

This modification changes the weight distribution on the weapon, as well as its chassis or hilt, to more attune it to the user’s firing position or combat stance. When readied, the
weapon flows along arms and shoulders in an effortless length, allowing greater precision with each strike.
Effect: If the weapon has the Unbalanced quality, loses that quality. Otherwise, it gains the Balanced quality.
Applies To: Melee weapons.
Avail: +10 (Ordinary)

9. targeter

Heavy and precious, targeters are highly valuable devices that use a combination of guidance cogitators and sensors to improve accuracy. They are often linked directly into
a gun’s machine spirit, and allow a greater bond between wielder and weapon.
Effect: All Evade tests made to avoid attacks made by the weapon suffer a –20 penalty.
Applies to: Ranged weapons.
Avail: -20 (Rare)

10. Infermo shells dostają overheats i unreliable

11. Wszystkie bronie las, poza heavy dostają zasadę “Variable Setting”: Dodatkowy tryby : Overcharge – +1 do obrażeń, ale każdy strzał zabiera 2 amunicji
Overload – +2 do obrażeń i +2 do Pen, ale każdy strzał zabiera 4 amunicji, i traci reliable i dostaje Unreliable.

12. Zasada Primitive: Broń primitive (X) przeciwko pancerzowi, który nie jest primitive zadaje maksymalne obrażenia równe (X). Przeciwko pancerzowi, który jest primitive, zadaje normalnie obrażenia.
Pancerz pritmitive połowi AP, przeciwko broni nie-primitive. Np. Pełna Płyta daje 6, a przeciwko nowoczesnej broni daje 3, zanim zostanie odjęta Pen.

13. Wszystkie Melty dostają zasadę: Melta – na krótkim zasięgu, Pen jest podwajana.
Wszystkie Melty mają Pen = 12
Wszystkie Melty klas Pistol i Basic dostają +2 obrażenia.

14, Wszystkie bronie typu Plasma dostają +1 obrażenie i +2 do Pen.

15. Shocking: Osoba która dostanie przynajmniej 1 obrażenie z broni ,która ma Shocking, musi zdać test Toughness +0. Jak nie zda, jest Stunned na tyle rund o ile nie zdała testu.

Houz Rulez

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